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Team Building & Leadership Coaching

We believe in a holistic approach to compliance. This means that managers and employees at every level know what their role is, how to perform it, and are empowered to fulfill that role to their best capacity, with an overall understanding of how their unique contribution fits into the whole. Mental and emotional health are nurtured and communication channels are open, transparent, and efficient so the organization can be the best it can be.

Our leadership coaching and team building offerings help your organization maintain an authentically strong and cooperative team that truly embody your company’s values.

Intuitive Leadership

What if there is a better way to connect with your team? To leave each person feeling valued, supported, challenged, and respected? In this kind of environment, you will nurture employee engagement and boost morale. Not only will individuals be happier, more creative, and ultimately more productive... your organization will thrive. This is what happens when you introduce the principles of Intuitive Leadership into your business.

Who’s Got the Baby?

A workshop on achieving individual accountability for teams and organizations, the “Who’s Got the Baby” materials will empower team members to take proactive measures to determine project responsibilities and support each other in successfully completing complicated, multi-step initiatives.

CliftonStrengths (formerly Clifton StrengthFinder)

Discover each of your team members’ unique core strengths and learn how to empower them to shine. Figure out where your team as a whole is most capable and if there are any gaps that could be filled through training or additional onboarding.

Enneagram Team Dynamics

Understand the deeper motivations of each of your team members and use this knowledge to uncover the root of issues, facilitate better communication, and create more effective individualized incentives. This enhanced understanding naturally fosters greater connection and compassion, improving team dynamics and workplace satisfaction.

Executive Coaching

Personalized coaching is designed to support leaders in managing multiple projects and teams while keeping an eye on the company’s goals. Executive coaching enables key stakeholders to handle c-suite level responsibilities with grace despite the often extreme pressures of high-level positions, ensuring that team leaders have all the necessary tools to help the organization thrive.

Team Meeting Design and Facilitation

Streamline meetings to get more done in less time. We can have as great or limited a role you need us to play in organizing and facilitating your critical team meetings. From project management and agenda development to slide preparation and note-taking, let us know how we can support you in making each meeting as impactful as possible.

Custom team building design and facilitation services are available upon request.


The Quality leadership team of a rapidly-growing pharmaceutical company approached us with grave concerns about the culture and productivity of their department: employees regarded the Quality team as “the bad guy” and wouldn’t listen to their recommendations. As a result, the company was clearly not inspection- ready. 

The leadership team hired LSM Consulting to evaluate department culture and bring the managers into alignment so they could work collaboratively to improve morale, productivity, and compliance. 


We started our engagement by meeting with the Quality leaders themselves. We found that the leaders competed with each other for things like prioritization and credit for work. We found a lot of mistrust among the group as well as communication challenges, and this trickled down into their respective teams, further exacerbating the problem.


Based on those observations, we designed a series of meetings with the leadership team that unfolded over the course of a year. Implementing ideas from Intuitive Leadership and the Who’s Got the Baby? approach, we were able to align the leadership team on their values. By identifying their personal values and discovering how they tied into the overall company vision, the team recognized the importance and self-interest of working more collaboratively among themselves.

From there, we designed a program built on the foundation of their shared values. Team members gradually became more open and communicative with one another, allowing their respective teams to follow suit. It was a gradual process, but in the end, the teams were happier, more communicative, and productive.

Team Building Case Study
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