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Intuitive Leadership

Intuitive Leadership enables leaders to define and uphold their own values, as well as those of their organization, relying on inner guidance and heart-centered communication to create a culture of empowered employees who work toward a shared vision. Liimu McGill’s unique and artful examination of leadership gently encourages, supports, and inspires honest self-reflection. 


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Traditional leadership teaches us to “push,” “motivate,” “compete,” and “reward”, but that has resulted in an exhausted, resentful workforce operating within corporations that don’t truly honor the employees or their contributions to the organization’s success. Employees and leaders are hungry for authentic connection to themselves, their work, and their company. Intuitive Leadership represents a new model for success in times of ambiguity, stress and challenge, and offers a harvest that includes spiritual and personal rewards, as well as financial ones. 


Through her extensive work in the pharmaceutical consulting space, Liimu McGill proposes that Intuitive Leadership is the way of the future. For over two decades, she has simultaneously cultivated a spiritual path alongside a successful career serving Corporate America at the helm of a multi-million dollar consulting company. Liimu teaches the Intuitive Leadership principles by sharing real-life examples that will have leaders feeling inspired, engaged and optimistic about their ability to positively impact their organizations and teams. 


The text includes strategies and tools to ensure readers immediately benefit from the concepts presented. Guided meditations help develop an understanding of Intuitive Leadership, and real-world examples offer practical guidance for how to apply the principles to business scenarios right away.

About the Author

Liimu McGill has more than 20 years of experience consulting to the pharmaceutical industry, and for the past 12 years has had the honor of building LSM Consulting to be one of the leading providers of training and documentation services for regulated environments within the pharmaceutical industry.

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