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LSM Consulting is proud to offer off-the-shelf and custom training products that keep employees familiar with current regulatory guidelines to ensure that your organization is compliant and inspection-ready at all times. Our training products are intended to be educational, engaging and presented in a manner that maximizes knowledge retention. 


Each product is delivered digitally, and optimal for self-paced learning. Please inquire for more information if you do not see the training topics that you need as we also specialize in producing custom-made training videos and eLearning modules. Reach out to us to learn more.

Product Type: Training VideoRuntime: 17 minutes

Inspection Readiness Training

Do your employees know what to do if an investigator shows up unannounced? This training video walks learners through common mistakes team members make when an investigator is on-site, and demonstrates proper behavior in various potential inspection scenarios. From front reception to back room, everyone needs to be on the same page in the event of an investigation. This training will educate new employees and refresh seasoned employees in standard inspection-readiness procedures. Click on the graphic to the left for a preview.

Product Type: Training VideoRuntime: 10 minutes

Pharmacovigilance Video Training

Reporting adverse events and complaints is crucial to ensuring public safety, organizational reputation, and patient wellbeing, during clinical trials as well as once the product goes to market. Pharmacovigilance is a shared responsibility among company staff, and sufficient training is crucial to ensuring that products live up to quality and federal standards. This training is designed to deepen employees’ understanding of the importance of pharmacovigilance as well as train them in reporting adverse events and complaints.

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LSM Consulting is a safety and training consultancy working in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. It has been operating in the United States serving international clientele since 2008.

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